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Translation services

  • Translation of business correspondence
  • Translation of technical documentation
  • Preparing Presentations of your products to the Russian market

Translation of technical documentation must be most accurate and professional. High-grade translation ensures correct assembling and, consequently, long term usage of equipment and complex technologies. If you trust the translation of technical documentation to us, you will receive a document that could be read and understood by your client. Besides, you can always consult us if you have any questions about the translated text.

Translation of product description

Primarily you will need a quality translation of product description for obtaining of authorization documents for import and custom clearance, and in the following – for good sales organization. Specialists of our company will keep the aim of the translation in mind and compile a document in an appropriate style.
Translation of business and accounting documents.
Translation of financial (accounting and taxing) documents requires particular care and accuracy, as well as financial literacy for correct display of financing transactions in accounting statements. Translation of accounting documents must be done in recognition of the differences between the standards of financial documents formalization in different countries. Our specialists, who are engaged in organizing international transportations due to their professional activity, practically understand such difference and are well-oriented in special aspects of organizing accountancy and taxation management of international operations. That is the reason why the documents translated by them will satisfy the requirements to formalization of financial documents. We wish to draw your attention sole to the translation of shipping documents. Correctly translated shipping documents (bill of lading, invoice, load ticket, bill, certificate of origin) will cut the time of custom clearance and costs expired for it down.

Translation of business and technical documentation

While organizing import and export, we communicate in different languages: English, German, French, Spanish every day, write business letters, check technical documents. Such everyday practice helps our specialists to feel the life and changes of languages.
Translation of business or technical documentation is not a private correspondence or informal socializing.
You should keep in mind specialties of business dealing, know used clichés and industry buzzword. You must maintain the accuracy of translation and follow a specified style when you formalize the documents to avoid various readings or misunderstandings with the partner. The success of your partnership depends on the quality translation of business messages.

Signature features of a professional translator:

  • High literacy level and attention to the details
  • Abidance of rules of writing the business documents
  • Absolute confidentiality
  • Constantly high quality of accomplished translations, independent from time limits
  • Custom solutions and caring about client’s reputation
  • Understandable pricing system
  • Translation of accounting documents.

Economic translation

During preparations of entry the product into the market, the executives meet a necessity for analysis of big number of researches, information, data about conditions of selling, competitors, sales channels. Mostly such information is available in the language of the country of supposed further development. Out specialists will translate the provided documents to make the information digestion process simpler.
The reverse situation is possible when it’s necessary to provide a report about company’s activity to a foreign contractor or a bank, to prepare a presentation of product or services in foreign language. We will translate the documents for you, formalizing them in accordance to international requirements or saving your company style. Anyway, the documents translated by us will be written in modern language using terminology suitable for document’s subject.

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