Trade office registration

Establishment of the trade office of a foreign company

Choose the variant that will enable you to implement your projects:

Import of the products to Russsia

Your customer buys the goods in Russia and pays for them in the Russian currency. We arrange the delivery, the customs clearance, obtaining all the necessary certificates, so that the customer receives the goods with the full set of documents and ready for sale in Russia.


  • Shorter sales period
  • There are no permanent costs for managing the company and accounting
  • The possibility of single, irregular shipments


  • Indirect contractual relationship with the customer, additional link in the sales scheme
  • There is no full control of the product sale in Russia

Establishment of a company – trade office

whose founders will be either foreign citizen – the owners of the parent company or a foreign legal entity.
The establishment of a Russian company that will be the official trade office of the parent company in Russia will enable you to completely control the financial flows as well as the sales.


  • Full transparency of all the business activities
  • Direct sale contracts with the buyers of the products
  • There are no costs for the permanent staff and the office


  • It takes time to register a company and to open bank accounts
  • Fees for accounting services

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