Assistance in search for the clients and commodity imports into the Russian Federation

Project: Assistance in search for the clients and commodity imports into the Russian Federation
Client: Manufacturer of industrial equipment and expendable materials for ceramics industry
Objective: Establishing commercial relations with Russian clients and importation of the equipment and expendable materials into RF

Essence of the project:

  1. Search for the potential clients on the whole territory of Russian Federation. Identification of persons in charge for decision making concerning supplies
  2. Preliminary negotiations on possibility of business cooperation
  3. Business meetings organization between the German and the Russian companies in order to negotiate technical and commercial issues
  4. Foreign economic agreement preparation considering the client company’s interests and current norms of law in the Russian Federation
  5. Imports coordination
  6. Continuous support in problem solving after the delivered equipment was placed into operation

Our client, an industrial equipment manufacturer for ceramics industry, decided to enter the Russian market. In order to identify the potential clients, Intersolution specialists formed a database of all ceramic tile manufacturers acting on the territory of Russian Federation. The manufacturer specialists’ contact information was the most valuable, as they were responsible for equipment and expendable materials supplies. The potential clients were provided with information on the German manufacturer revealing the technical aspects of the equipment in order to define the potential interests of the clients. Business meetings were organized with the representatives of potential client companies, where the latest developments were presented.

After the meetings the commercial offers were sent to the companies. Then pre-contract negotiations were held with the companies interested in the offer. As a result, foreign economic agreements were concluded. Intersolution company acted as a company-importer, when the Russian client was not able to import goods by itself.

The certification of goods was made in advance, which guaranteed its smooth import and distribution on the territory of RF.

When the questions arose during exploitation of the equipment, Intersolution specialists gave full information support.

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