Import to the Russian Federation of a Road-building equipment

Project: Import to the Russian Federation of a Road-building equipment (Mixer plant for preparing of a concrete-cement mix)
Consignor: Germany
Consignee: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Transport: Sea, auto
Characteristics of the project:

  1. The Supplier of the equipment is a German Company specializing on selling of used road-building equipment 
  2. Distant custom clearance for import of the equipment at the excise customhouse (while the equipment was being stored at the port of Saint-Petersburg)
  3. Obtaining of authorization documents to perform import to the Russian Federation of used road-building equipment
  4. Collecting of all important information for custom clearance concerning technical characteristics of imported road equipment

Purchase of the Mixer plant for preparing of a concrete-cement mix, which is used in road construction, was financed by a leasing Company. So this leasing Company was the importer that then resold the custom cleared equipment to the end customer.

The Intersolution Company has provided a complex of services to the client during the import process of the Mixer plant. This complex included consultations concerning import procedures in the Russian Federation, requirements to the documents according to the Russian law and preparing of the Import-Export contract between the Parties.

Before the shipment the Supplier has sent the drafts of the shipping documents for the Mixer plant (Invoices, packing lists, certificates of origin, German Certificate of title for a vehicle etc.). Import specialists of the Intersolution Company made needful corrections to the documents so that they would be accepted at the customhouse during import procedure.

The most difficult was to prepare technical documentation for Mixer plant needed for proving of the HS Code with 0%-import duty. It was that difficult because of the fact that the equipment was used and also modified for several times during exploitation period. There was translated a lot of technical documentation from German to Russian by the specialists of Intersolution.

Custom clearance of the Mixer plant was performed at the excise customhouse while the equipment was being stored at the warehouse of the Saint-Petersburg port. This scheme was used because the equipment was placed on two wheeled trailers, for which there were issued the Certificates of title for vehicles.

After the import procedure was over the delivery of the Mixer plant was organized to the warehouse of the end customer, it was also taken into account when delivering that the equipment was an oversize cargo.

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