Search for supplier of organic food and cosmetics

Goods: organic food and cosmetics
Client: pharmacy chain, St.Petersburg

Description of the project:


  1. Search for suppliers of organic products in EU.
  2. Communication with the defined suppliers, request of price-lists and catalogs.
  3. Negotiation to the selected suppliers according to the conditions of payment and delivery.
  4. Analysis of prices on the Russian market
  5. Calculation of prime costs of the imported products from each selected supplier.

The main goal of this project was the search of foreign suppliers the assortments of which could meet the requirements of our client. It was supposed to find two-three big European suppliers with the wide range of goods and then some small suppliers that could provide the rest of products needed.

Before starting the search our client provided us the list of products he needed and specified the countries in which we needed to search for the suppliers – mainly in Europe. Specialists of Intersolution Ltd analyzed the information provided by the client and came to the conclusion of searching for big and small suppliers in Europe that could provide the widest range of products with the reasonable prices and costs of delivery to Russia.

Through the searching process we dealt with two issues:

-Some organic products (generally dairy products) are perishable that means that we needed to pay attention to remoteness of the suppliers and find some near abroad.

-Almost all suppliers have the same range of products.

As the result the specialists of Intersolution Ltd found different suppliers of organic products, selected the most appropriate, analyzed their assortment, prices, delivery conditions. According to the information obtained we calculated the prime cost of each product of each supplier on the base of which we calculated the approximate price of each product including the possible profit rate. To be sure in the calculated prices we compared them with the prices on the Russian market.

Finally Intersolution Ltd provided to the client full list of selected European suppliers with their contact details and assortment, also the client received the calculation of prime costs which helped him to have a clear idea about the collaboration with each of supplier selected.

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