Export of the used automatic CNC frame milling centre from the Russian Federation

Project: Export of the used automatic CNC frame milling centre from the Russian Federation
Consignor: Moscow, RF
Consignee: Italy
Transport: Auto
Characteristics of the project:


  1. Delivery of the used automatic CNC frame milling centre disassembled for transportation purposes.
  2. Conduct of precontractual negotiations, drawing up of the contract and other necessary documents for export.
  3. Settlement of account by letter of credit.
  4. Insurance of the cargo.
  5. Receiving of the expertize for confirmation of technical state and market value of the used milling center.
  6. Collection and groupage of the information about technical characteristics of the milling center for the customs purposes. 
  7. Organization of the cargo transportation from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg and storage.
  8. Main transportation as joint cargo 
  9. Customs processing under the one Customs commodity code (HS code)
  10. Preparation of the documents for customs processing and registration of the exporter in the Saint-Petersburg Noth –West Customs.
  11. Disposal of questions concerning insurance event.

Specialists of Intersolution covered all issues connected with export of the used automatic CNC frame milling center from precontractual negotiations till delivery of the equipment to the final consignee.

At first stage the letter of credit method of payment was agreed with the Italian buyer and the international contract was drawn up. Settlement of account by letter of credit is the additional guarantee of payment under the international contract as it combines payment and guarantee functions and is the most reliable form of transfers nowadays.

Delivery of the used automatic CNC frame milling center to the export needed carrying out of expertizes for confirmation of it’s market value and technical state (evaluation of degree of wearing of the equipment and it’s suitability for further use). Both expertizes were received by our company shortly, checked and agreed with the custom authorities.

The frame milling center is the expensive equipment and needs the accurate transportation and handling. That is why the consignment was insured against all risks by the export specialists of Intersolution with the international insurance company.

On the basis of specification and information provided by the exporter company specialists drew up the shipping documents: invoice, packing list, act of loading, and translated the technical description and manual for the machine.

The most difficult thing in this project was organization of the logistic process which included the cargo transit from Moscow to Saint-Petersburg, warehousing in Saint-Petersburg and transit from Saint-Petersburg to Italy. The specialists of Intersolution were tracking the location of the frame milling center at each stage. To optimize the transportation costs the main transit to Italy was arranged as part of the joint cargo.

After the customs processing of the consignment for export and it’s delivery to the final consignee in Italy the specialists of Intersolution prepared documents for release of the funds under the letter of credit and bank report about currency transactions.

When unloading the machine in Italy the cargo was damaged. With the assistance of the export specialists of Intersolution the insurance beneficiary, Italian buyer, applied to the insurance company for insurance compensation. As a result the insurance event was settled.

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