Import to the Russian Federation of wall and table lamps

Project: Import to the Russian Federation of wall and table lamps
Consignor: Poland, Germany
Consignee: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Transport: Auto
Characteristics of the project:

  1. Coordination of optimal conditions for the contract. 
  2. Collecting of lamps from different manufacturers at the consolidation warehouse. 
  3. Certification of the products.
  4. Preparing of the needed documents to prove the declared customs cost.

The Intersolution Company has provided the client with full range of services in import procedures but for they did not search for suppliers in the EU. The client when applying to Intersolution provided its specialists with the contacts of the suppliers of wall and table lamps. The specialists have contacted both suppliers to get the optimal terms for the contracts, acceptable by all parties.

To decrease the transportation costs it was decided to collect the Goods from both suppliers at the one consolidation warehouse in Europe and then to deliver both parts of the shipment by one truck.

Before the shipments the specialists of Intersolution have checked drafts of every shipment document (as invoices, packing lists etc.) so that to make needful corrections according to the International and Russian requirements. The most important was to prepare the documents in the way, so that they would contain information about the types of the lamps, their technical parameters, weight etc, and so there would not occur any delays at the border or at the customs warehouse.

The specialists of the Intersolution Company have provided the suppliers with the recommendations concerning shipment, so that neither of the parties would have any problems during import procedures. Along with import formalities the specialists have performed the documents to prove the customs price of the goods (according to one of the Customs Laws of the Russian Federation the importer must prove the price of the bought products, this is applied for some types of products).

After the custom clearance was over, the specialists of Intersolution Ltd. has provided the client with consultations concerning the further documentation of the imported products.

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