Import to the Russian Federation of spare parts for the production line of top and lateral panels for consumer electronics

Project: Import to the Russian Federation of spare parts for the production line of top and lateral panels for consumer electronics
Consignor: Germany
Consignee: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Transport: Auto
Characteristics of the project:

  1. Search for a buyer of spare parts for the German Company in the Russian Federation
  2. Preparing of the contract between the seller and the importer (Intersolution Company was an official importer and buyer according to the contract)
  3. Translation of lots of technical information into Russian for presenting during custom clearance
  4. Product (spare parts) certification 

All import procedures were organized for the Intersolution Company as an importer and a buyer. The client has provided specialists of Intersolution with information about the wide range of spare parts they can offer (though the client’s Company was not a manufacturing one). The specialists of our Company have found a buyer of spare parts in Saint-Petersburg. These spare parts were supposed for the buyer’s production line of top and lateral panels for consumer electronics.

So when all the acting parties have agreed upon the prices and delivery dates, the contract was signed between the German seller and Intersolution. The next stage was to perform import to the Russian Federation; the delivery was organized by the Intersolution Company. The shipment consisted of 96 positions of spare parts in the invoice, for each of the positions the specialists of Intersolution got a technical description from the seller and have translated them into Russian from German, Italian and English for further presentation of these documents to the customs. The specialists have received drafts of shipping documents (invoice, packing list etc.) and made important corrections, especially in part of net and gross weight in the packing list and countries of origin in the Invoice and also other corrections needed according to the Russian law. Thanks to that all the documents were accepted by the Russian customs during import procedure.

Some of the imported spare parts were subject to certification according to the Russian State standards (GOST) or to the Technical Regulations. The specialists of the Intersolution Company have analyzed prices for certification among Russian testing and certificating centers and chosen the most optimal one and obtained there needed certificates before the goods were delivered to the customhouse.

After the custom clearance was over, the spare parts were delivered by Intersolution to the Russian buyer with the Russian shipping documents.

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