Certification of equipment for sales areas

Project: Certification of equipment for sales areas
Client: Manufacturing company, Germany
Objective: Obtaining the product certificates for import purposes and subsequent sales of product in the Russian Federation

Essence of the project:

  1. Client consultations concerning the basics of goods and services certification in the Russian Federation 
  2. Listing and grouping the client’s products subject to mandatory certification
  3. Documents package preparation for product certification
  4. Tracking time and cost of certification

Our client is a German company specializing in manufacture of furniture for sales areas. When the company entered the Russian market, it faced the need to provide the Certificates of Conformity and the Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusions (Hygiene Certificates) for the imported goods.

Intersolution specialists provided consultations to the client company representatives on certification principles in the Russian Federation, types of certification and range of products subject to obligatory certification for imports and further distribution on the territory of RF.

The client provided our specialists with the range of products, planned to import into the Russian Federation. Intersolution specialists grouped the products according to the customs codes in order to reduce the amount of certificates and, consequently, reduce the client’s expenses.

After the products were grouped for certification, the necessary documents were prepared and samples of goods were provided to undergo the laboratory tests (the samples of goods were imported by Intersolution specialists in advance).

During the certification process, our specialists monitored the information consistency and revised the certificate prototypes. After receiving the originals of certificates and Sanitary-Epidemiological Conclusions, our specialists sent the documents to the client.

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