Export of the used punches for production of ceramic tile from the Russian Federation

Project: Export of the used punches for production of ceramic tile from the Russian Federation
Consignor: Leningrad region, RF
Consignee: Germany
Transport: Auto
Characteristics of the project:

  1. Conduct of precontractual negotiations, drawing up of the contract and other necessary documents for export.
  2. Receiving of the expertize for confirmation of technical state and market value of the used milling center.
  3. Collection and groupage of the information about technical characteristics of the punches for the customs purposes. 
  4. Main transportation as joint cargo 

Specialists of Intersolution covered all issues connected with export of the used punches for for production of ceramic tile from precontractual negotiations till delivery of the equipment to the final consignee.

At first stage our specialists drew up the international contract and agreed it with the parties involved in this project.

In order to proceed with the export of the used punches it was necessary to carry out expertizes for confirmation of their market value and technical state (evaluation of degree of wearing of the punches and their suitability for further use). Both expertizes were received by our company shortly, checked and agreed with the custom authorities.

On the basis of the information provided by the exporter, specialists of Intersolution drew up the shipping documents such as invoice, packing list, act of loading, and prepared the technical description of the punches dispatched.

In order to minimize the transport charges the main transit to Germany was organized as part of the joint cargo.

After the customs processing of the consignment for export and it’s delivery to the final consignee the export specialists of Intersolution prepared the reporting documents demanded by the currency control office of the bank and provided the seller with documents necessary for the VAT refund.

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