Execution and negotiation of contract for exclusive distribution of goods in the Russian market

Project: Execution and negotiation of contract for exclusive distribution of goods in the Russian market

Client: Wholesale firm selling building materials
Objective: Exclusive distribution conditions elaboration and negotiation
Essence of the project:

  1. Listing optimal conditions for interaction with the supplier under a contract of exclusive distribution
  2. Oral and written negotiations concerning the stated parameters of cooperation with the supplier
  3. Search for a compromise in the principal matters for both parties
  4. Reasoning the mandatory requirements to the contract due to specifics of doing business in Russia
  5. Legal analysis concerning the compliance of settled terms of the deal with Russian legislation requirements and international conventions

Our client, a wholesale firm selling building materials, found a supplier of goods to replenish the assortment. The client was interested in collaboration with the supplier exceptionally on the conditions of exclusive distribution.

The main parameters of the future exclusive distribution agreement were developed by Intersolution foreign economic activities specialists based on their practical experience of foreign economic supplies under such contracts. The parameters were negotiated with the client and adjusted to the specifics of the future foreign economic cooperation.

Close attention was paid to the warranty issue and compensation for potential losses in case of exclusive distribution conditions violation by the supplier.

In the process of contract negotiations with the supplier, some revisions were made to the contract that did not infringe the interests of the client.

It was rather complicated to explain the supplier the necessity of some points in the contract drawn up in accordance with the requirements of currency control of the Russian Federation.

Additionally, we conducted a legal analysis of all available documents under the contract.

After signing the contract, the Intersolution specialists conducted the tracking of the building materials supplies, including product certification implementation, shipping documents approval and optimal supply chain draw up.

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