Company’s foreign economic activity audit

Project: Company’s foreign economic activity audit

Client: Sports facilities developer
Objective: Import costs identification and optimization
Essence of the project:


  1. Current cost analysis of imported goods delivery from EU countries and North America
  2. Customs clearance costs assessment
  3. Optimality analysis concerning the existing schemes of work with foreign suppliers
  4. Recommendations on company’s foreign economic activity optimization

The main objective of the company’s foreign economic activity audit was costs identification and optimization related to imports of the equipment, its components and spare parts.

Before the project start-up, the list of deliveries for the analysis was defined. Intersolution foreign economic activities specialists requested all the basic data regarding the deliveries of the goods: the point of shipment and the delivery point, overall dimensions and weight, the name and description, the cost of the goods. The information regarding the amount of incurred costs related to the deliveries was also provided by the client.

There were two main difficulties in foreign economic activity audit implementation:


  • a lack of full transparency in the expenditure part of the client company’s budget formation regarding the foreign economic supplies;
  • an implicit resistance of the client company’s logistics and foreign economic activities specialists (the report documents with detailed delivery-related costs were not always provided with reference to their lack due to time elapse).

Nevertheless, the Intersolution specialists could reconstruct the realized delivery schemes and develop the alternative scenarios provided with the alternative costs plan for the concerned foreign economic activities implementation.

As a result, the management of the client company was provided with the written report representing the alternative logistic schemes, the use of which could help reduce the costs of foreign supplies. Additionally, the recommendations were developed to reorganize the foreign economic activity of the company, which should lead to improved manageability and strengthen control over this sphere of business.

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