Shipping and customs clearance cost analysis

Project: Shipping cost and customs clearance cost analysis
Client: Commercial-industrial holding (activity in the following regions: Europe, CIS, South-East Asia, and Latin America)
Objective: Logistics cost optimization

Essence of the project:

  1. Existing transport routes and transport clearance schemes analysis
  2. Alternative routes elaboration and valuation
  3. Cargo consolidation of various product lines in order to reduce the cost per unit
  4. Customs clearance overhead costs legal optimization by creating its own trade and procurement unit

    The management of the trade-industrial holding company appealed to the company Intersolution due to the increase in foreign economic operations logistics costs, which made some lines of business unprofitable.

    Our foreign trade specialists analyzed the main logistic schemes of the company’s goods deliveries and the logistics costs per unit, as well as the cost of customs clearance.

    In order to evaluate the possibility to reduce the foreign goods transportation costs, the alternative delivery routes were examined. We revealed the lack of foreign goods consolidation, which were transported in one direction.

    As a result, certain recommendations were developed on cargo consolidation provided also with information on transportation routes and future economic benefits expressed in lower overhead costs of foreign good supplies.

    Additionally, there were given recommendations to the company on legal optimization of customs clearance overhead costs by establishing its own purchasing organization.


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