Import to the Russian Federation of a cultural property – Retro car

Project: Import to the Russian Federation of a cultural property – Retro car
Consignor: Germany
Consignee: Saint-Petersburg, Russia
Transport: Sea, auto
Characteristics of the project:

  1. Registration of the Retro car as a cultural property in the Federal Service for monitoring compliance with cultural heritage protection law (Rosokhrankultura)
  2. Organization of transit of the cultural property from the Saint-Petersburg port to the inland customhouse
  3. Document preparation for custom clearance and representation of importer’s interests at the customs 


When the importer of the Retro car has applied for support to the Intersolution Company, the car had already been delivered to the port of Saint-Petersburg (the area of responsibility of the Baltic Customs). 

Specialists of Intersolution have organized expertise by Rosokhrankultura experts in the port so that to prove the Retro car is the cultural property. As a result of the expertise and analysis the needed conclusion has been obtained by Intersolution.

Cultural properties can be custom cleared only at the exact inland customhouse named Vasileostrovsky. Distant import procedure while the car was still in the port could not be applied in the situation. The specialists of Intersolution have performed the procedure of inland customs transit of the Retro car to the needed customhouse.

Import specialists of Intersolution have performed custom clearance of the cultural property at the customhouse Vasileostrovsky and so the Retro car has been successfully imported to the Russian Federation.

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