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Our projects

Our Business support projects

  1. Company’s foreign economic activity audit >>>
  2. Cost analysis of automobile spare parts import shipment >>>
  3. Execution and negotiation of contract for exclusive distribution of goods in the Russian market  >>>
  4. Delivery scheme elaboration without goods importation into the Russian territory >>>
  5. Shipping cost and customs clearance cost analysis >>>
  6. Certification of equipment for sales areas >>>
  7. Organizational consultations on processing of goods in the Russian Federation >>>
  8. Assistance in search for the clients and commodity imports into the Russian Federation >>>
  9. Seach for suppliers of man bags in China  >>>
  10. Search for supplier of organic food and cosmetics  >>>

Our import projects


  1. Import of welding ferrous and non-ferrous wire to the Russian Federation >>>
  2. Import to the Russian Federation of spare parts for the production line of panels for consumer electronics >>>
  3. Import to the Russian Federation of wall and table lamps >>>
  4. Import to the Russian Federation of a Road-building equipment >>>
  5. Import to the Russian Federation of a cultural property – Retro car >>>
  6. Import to the Russian Federation of plastic and aluminium jars for cosmetic products >>>

Our export projects


  1. Export of the used punches for production of ceramic tile from the Russian Federation >>>
  2. Export of the used automatic CNC frame milling centre from the Russian Federation >>>

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