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Managing negotiation

Negotiations play an important part in the establishing of contacts between future partners and define their further collaborations. The success of negotiations and conclusion of a contract depend on the quality of preparatory works and negotiations.
We will help you in preparation of your oncoming negotiations considering the differences in culture, traditions, language barrier and specifics of doing business in different countries.

Preparation of the information report about company

Firstly it is important to gather as much information as possible about your partner. Usually in the report are included: description of all activities of the company, its size, age, description of its distribution channels, branches and representational offices in other countries.
Also it is useful to get to know the general situation on the market, make the analysis of prices, gather the information about alternative products and companies.

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Running the preparatory negotiations and discussing the topics for negotiations on the oncoming meeting

Through the preparatory negotiations becomes apparent the interest of the parts in the future collaboration and ways of interactions. We are ready to undertake the running of the preparatory negotiations and the receipt of the information and references from potential partners. We will adjust with you the questionary for your potential partner, collect all the information in the format suitable for the further analysis.
In case of mutual interest in the collaboration we will prepare the list of questions for the discussion during the negotiations.

Translation of necessary documentation

During the meeting you may need some documents that require translation: advertising aids, presentations, booklets, preliminary agreements, technical documentation and other information resources. Our specialists will do the necessary translation and adaptation of the materials, so you won’t have any holdbacks during the negotiations.

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Drawing up a contract and its approval

Correctly made contract - the key to a successful and mutually beneficial cooperation. during the preparation of the contract, our specialists will consider all your the wishes and advise you on all the bottlenecks coming of foreign trade transactions.
In preparation for the meetings, we developed and agreed with you an estimate of the costs of organizing negotiations.

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When organizing the negotiations, we can also undertake:

• meeting at the airport or station-house;
• assistance with hotel accommodation;
• organization of transport services;
• providing the negotiation room;
• preparation of the entertainment program.

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