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Our mission

We do more to make international operations simpler and more profitable for our clients

We’re sure that international borders shouldn’t prevent our clients to develop their businesses, and that all international operations can be clear and understandable.
We work at different projects with our clients, completing and combining each other’s strengths. By helping our clients grow every day, we grow ourselves along with them.

Working principles

The basic principles of company’s working are complex approach and close collaboration with a client during all stages of cooperation.
Our relationship with our clients, partners and public authorities are built on principles of conscientiousness, honesty and competence, clearness and inviolability of treaty engagements. We do our best to minimize the risks of our partners.
We constantly increase our professional level to maintain high competitive ability of our services. Every new project gives us new knowledge and experience, both of them being practiced in service, what makes every next supply better than the previous one.
We have worked out an inner system of quality, using which we minimize our mistakes. This brings us to the highly professional decision, which can be easily adapted to other components of client’s business systems. We believe our efforts can help Russian businesses to gain a whole new level of organization and development.
Every employee of “Intersolution” company understands the importance of mending new partnership with our clients. That’s why we maintain high ethic standards and provide high quality of rendered service when we organize our mutual support.

Business values

Support and assistance in personal development of every our employee create a solid foundation for high professional and finance achievements.

“Intersolution” company was created in 2006 by young and ambitious professionals. We have been gaining high standards of performance, what was honored by “Gazelle of business” prizes for 2012 and 2013.



We render the following services for our clients:

  • Searching for the most appropriate contractor abroad.
  • We help to conduct negotiations in such manner as to make a reached arrangement to be supreme reflective of our client’s interests.
  • We make a foreign economic contracts according to the norms of Russian and International laws, and also traditions of business cooperation. During drafting and adjustment of the contract we primarily respect the interests of our customer.
  • When we organize the transportation of the goods, we understand what is actually more important for our client – timing or price.
  • Customs clearance is a difficult and demanding procedure. Only a specialist can maintain this operation with minimal finance and time consumption. Our high professional level is just what guarantees comfort to our client while accomplishing of an international deal.
  • Organization of accountancy and taxation management perfectly completes and accomplishes the list of our services. You can forward your foreign activity to us for outsourcing and concentrate on your primary activities.

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