Looking for new business opportunities

Start business in Russia with us
  • search for Suppliers and Buyers
  • conduction pre-contract negotiations
  • managing negotiation with russian customers
  • consultations on Russian legislation

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International logistics and customs clearance

  • calculation of all the costs of delivery
  • elaboration of an optimal logistics scheme and its coordination
  • Serving as an import company for you in case your company
    doesn't possess a registration in the Russian Federation
  • customs clearance

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Counseling in Russia certificates

We provide product certification and help you to obtain:

  • GOST-R Certification for serial production and GOST-TR declaration of conformity Russia
  • The Russian declaration of conformity Technical Regulations (TR)
  • State Registration Certificate
  • Customs Union Certification
  • Declaration of conformity with Technical Regulations

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Accounting and bookkeeping in Russia

  • conducting operations of accounting and tax accounting
  • consultation on the accounting and tax in Russia
  • elaboration on accounting policies and consultation 
  • compiling reports on the company’s business
  • personnel records and Payroll accounting

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What's new in the Russian market

New publication about doing business in Russia

 The Russian retail turnover will show the positive dynamics also during nearest 3-4 years. At the same time the growth of turnover of the non-productive products will...

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Intersolution Ltd. is one of the first companies providing business support for international companies entering the Russian market. You can join our LinkedIn network.

You can learn more about our support through our membership database, network events, and keep up-to-date with all the latest Russian business news and overseas fact-finding trade missions. 

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What we do

We do more to make international operations simpler and more profitable for our clients.


We’re sure that international borders shouldn’t prevent our clients to develop their businesses, and that all international operations can be clear and understandable. 

We work at different projects with our clients, completing and combining each other’s strengths. By helping our clients grow every day, we grow ourselves along with them.

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Our specialists

Who are specialists in our company?

The most valuable assets of the company are its professionals: our employees have an excellent knowledge of international and domestic law, many of them have international educational background and speak several foreign languages.

About Custom Union

Custom Union is a trade bloc which is composed of separate trade areas with a common external tariff.

Treaty on the Establishment of the Common Customs Territory and the Formation of the Customs Union was concluded between the Russian Federation, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan in 2007.

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Russian market

Russia is an important and perspective market.

Many companies are looking for a way of making business in Russia or are investing in Russia.
Russia, despite of a world economic crisis, is one of the most interesting for investing area.

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