Search for Suppliers and Buyers

Search for the suppliers and buyers starts with the search for information about them. If your company does not possess its own department of specialists focused on collecting, processing, monitoring primary and secondary data and analyzing the information to choose the most favorable supplier or the buyer, we are ready to help you!

Gathering information starts with monitoring the publications in the media, different reference systems, industry portals and directories, the marketing reports and other sources of information. If necessary, search for the suppliers and buyers can have a regional focus. It is particularly important that information gathering takes place directly in a language that might be foreign to you, but it does not require any additional cost or effort.

Searching process consists of the following stages:

  • defining a search region
  • defining a potential suppler / buyer
  • systematization of information on key players in the market
  • conducting initial negotiations
  • arranging meetings with interested clients
  • assisting in the preparation and signing of a contract
  • assisting in the organization of a shipment

Our purpose is not just to inform you about a potential supplier / buyer, but to provide you with a full range of business support through the conclusion of a deal and beyond.

We will conduct preliminary negotiations with the supplier / the buyer to specify the order, discuss the prices and get a commercial offer from the supplier, as well as establish the sales relationships with the buyer.

Our specialists will negotiate the terms of a contract with your counterparty and draw up the contract according to the international and Russian legislation.

Commitment to quality and integrated approach to customers’ business tasks is one of the highest priorities in “Intersolution". We value the importance of providing a viable and knowledgeable solution for your business and we will do our best to meet your requirements.