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Distribution in Russia

Increasing the sales of goods in Russia

We provide services of development of the distribution chain.
We possess all necessary resources for successful promotion of your product on the Russian market.

Market research

During the marketing research our specialists will:
• gather and analyze the information about market condition, production, supply, delivery and storage conditions;
• collect the information about prices on the similar products in Russia or specific region;
• find potential clients according to your expectations about the sales amount;
• analyze the activity of competitors;
• prepare recommendations about the market entry.

Preparations and holding of the negotiations

We have full understanding of the specific character of Russian business communication and solid experience in negotiations with companies from different economic areas. We will present your goods to the future customers. If it is necessary we will translate and adapt your promotional materials or make the presentation specially for the Russian market.

Book-keeping and legal support

Experts in the legal support and book-keeping will advice you the way to enter the Russian market.
Basic types of the legal support:
• Advising on the Russian legislation
• Drawing up of a contact
• Company registration
• Book-keeping

Distribution of goods

• Order processing
• Stock management
• Delivery of goods to your customers
• Paperwork

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