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Custom Union


In 2007, the Russia (Russian Federation), the Republic of Belarus (Belarus), and the Republic of Kazakhstan (Kazakhstan) had concluded the Treaty on the Establishment of the Common Customs Territory and the Formation of the Customs Union of 6 October 2007  

Treaty on the Formation of the CU required CU Parties to establish unified regulation of foreign trade activities in line with their obligations arising from CU Treaties and through harmonization of standards and rules envisaged by bilateral agreements on the unified regulation of foreign trade activities.

The main purposes of establishing the ECU were:

  • to make foreign trade with other countries more comprehensible;
  • to increase economic efficiency of the ECU;
  • to create closer cultural and political relations between the countries of the Custom Union.

The Treaty on the Formation of a Customs Union also specified that the CU Parties' unified regulation of foreign trade activity and coordinated decision making on the simultaneous introduction of changes or amendments to such regulation would include the following areas:

  • tariffs on foreign trade;
  • non-tariff measures for trade with third countries;
  • unified customs regulation and customs procedures; and
  • establishment of a unified regime for trade with third countries.


This Treaty and other international agreements forming the legal basis for the CU established the principles and timing for achieving the objective of unified regulation of foreign trade activities.

The following bodies were responsible for the implementation of the CU Agreements and further development of the CU:

  • the Interstate Council of EurAsEC
  • the EurAsEC Court;
  • the Eurasian economical Commission

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