New import rules for the seeds of plants in the area of the Customs Union


April 2014

The importation procedure was developed in accordance with article 150 of the Customs code of the Customs Union "Movement of goods across the customs border, and to ensure national interests and security of the member states of the Customs Union.

The order sets out the conditions of entry to the territory of the CU seed plants and control over compliance of imported seeds of agricultural plants to the requirements of the national legislation of the CU member states.

The importation of seed plants lots on the territory of CU is permitted, if the seed lots is supplied with information about the name of the varieties of plants of each lot of seed, the origin and quality of seeds.

Imported seed lots can be in packaged or unpackaged condition (in bulk). 


When importing batches of seeds:

In packaged conditions their tare and packaging should have a label specified in this order form;

When unpackaged these seed lots should be registered supporting documents with information about the name of the varieties of seed plants of each lot, the origin and quality of seeds. 

Not allowed to indicate on the tare and the packaging, labels and accompanying documents untrue information about the types of varieties of plants, the origin and quality of seeds.

The lots of seeds treated with protection (pesticides) must be in packaged condition. The tare and packing of these lots of seeds should have appropriate labels and accompanying documents that define the treatment of such seeds and contains information about the possible negative impacts on human health and the environment.

Not allowed lots of seeds to import into the customs territory of the Customs Union: 

processed means of protection (pesticides), are not permitted in the state whose territory is imported this lot of seeds;

the varieties, which are not included in the national part of the Unified register of plant varieties permitted for use in the territories of the customs Union member States and the Common economic space, except seed batches intended for scientific research, state trials, seed production for export from the Customs Union member states; 

the state-protected plant varieties in the case of non-compliance with legislation in the sphere of intellectual property of the CU member states. 

To confirm the declared customs authorities with information of plant seeds  varieties imported into the territory of the CU customs authorities shall submit the documents certifying the information about seeds provided under this order, and Declaration confirming the presence or absence of the seeds lots of genetically modified organisms (GMO).

The importation into the territory of the Russian Federation of the indoor plants with closed root system (vases, pots etc) and cut material flower crops intended for gardening indoor accomodation, design interior, design development, bouquets, and etc. is not required to submit the above information. 

Quarantine phytosanitary state seed imported into the customs territory of the CU must comply with the legislation of the CU.

Monitoring compliance with this procedure is carried out by authorized bodies of the States-members of the CU and the Single economic space in order prescribed by law and the customs legislation of the Customs Union member states.

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