Certification of goods for export in Russia


Certification of goods for export on the territory of the Customs Union.

Six new Technical rules became operative in 2013. This has dramatically changed the process of certification of export to the Customs Union. Systems of certification in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus were changed according to mutual certification requirements of the Customs Union.

System of certification customary for Russia was used as the basis for system of certification of the Customs Union. When exporting to the Customs Union territory supplier may use standard Eurasian Union certificate  regardless of a particular country which released it.

From the 15th of February 2013 certification of equipment for sell to the Customs Union must be made according to the Technical rules 010/2011. Certificates  issued before this date are valid till year 2015.

If it is prescribed by the Technical rules, then after getting of the certificate according to the Customs Union Technical rules the conformity mark of the Eurasian Union is set on the goods. The European analogue to this marking is – CE.

The procedure of certification depends on a product, its purpose and is defined by the «ОКП code» (Russian Product Classifier code). Russian Product Classifier is accepted in the Customs Union and divides all goods into groups according to their type and purpose. Certification form – declaration of conformity, conformance certificate, certificate of State registration – is defined in a specific Technical rule of the Customs Union.


Declaration of conformity and conformance certificate are issued for term from 1 to 5 years. Certificate of State registration is issued for an unlimited period of time.  Customs Union certificate is drawn up after all necessary technical documentation or results of laboratory tests are provided. Some certification centers may ask for additional check directly on manufacturing area, but this decision depends on a concrete situation and certification center.

We recommend to get the certificate on the whole unit, since certification of individual parts and spares will greatly increase certification costs.

Certification for import in Russia, Kazakhstan and Belarus may take quite a long period of time and demand huge costs. Therefore we offer you our consultation about getting the certificates. Our specialists will help you to coordinate your actions, consult on necessary documents, terms and costs.


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