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For building an affective sales system on the territory of Russia and Former Soviet Republics it is important to understand not only how sales are build-up but also national traditions, culture of consumption, legislation, administrative barriers, and also to evaluate all possible risks. Only the comprehension of general situation with making the right management decisions allows importing in Russia successfully and gaining high level of sales on the territory of Customs Union.

Big wholesalers in Russia are in conditions of high competition and they have to pay grand attention to adjusting the supply system from the manufacturer. Otherwise in a case of failure of supply the product does not reach the final outlet and its place can be easily taken by other company.  

The quality of services for the final consumer is getting the primary importance. The requirements of customers are rising on the base of growing competition in Russia. The requirements for quality and assortment of goods and level of services are growing so this fact causes the necessity of permanent optimization of logistic costs.  

The effectiveness of distribution channel defines the optimal correlation between the level of services for clients and the volume of logistic costs.  

The costs for creation of distribution channel are charges for warehouse and transportation logistics, inventory control, It services, back-office, accounting. The elaboration of a model of building of the distribution channel can help to compare and analyze several variants of building of sales channel and define the most acceptable way for export in Russia. This analysis of different models gives the opportunity to define the most acceptable and effective way for your company.

The high level of sales in Russia can be achieved only by distribution channel that was correctly built. It is important to understand that only flexible and adaptable system can fully satisfy the fast growing demands of the market. And that is especially relevant for Russia as for country with huge distances and high consumer potential.

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