Looking for partners for distribution in Russia

Looking for partners for distribution in Russia

Search for the reliable partners is one of the major problems to solve before entering on the Russian market. Further development of the distribution net depends on relationships with your future partner in Russia.

In case you don’t have strong links between you and your customers in Russia, or if your current partner form Russia doesn’t satisfy your demands, then our employees will find the reliable and promising partner for your company and prepare the basis for the dealership agreement.

The selection of the Russian distribution company is realized in the following way:


  1. Gathering of the information about current position of the product and its analogues in Russia and regions: description of product’s analogues, list of distributors, retail price;
  2. Selection of the potential partners according to the given parameters;
  3. Gathering of more detailed information about potential partners, the product range, sales channels. Getting of contact details from the persons responsible for launching new market flows;
  4. Preparations for preliminary negotiations with potential partners: providing the representatives of company with information about products, receiving of a response, confirmation of their possible interest in further cooperation and their vision of it (in case of demonstration of interest). Our customer will receive the report about negotiations and results of the survey among the potential partners. The questions of survey are pre-agreed with our customer;
  5. Organizing of a meeting with potential partners.

Check of the reliability is a very important stage in process of searching for the future distributor. It should not be ignored, because your Russian partner will build up reputation of your production which has influence on the sales rate.

Among general information about the Russian distributor our experts will gather data from the third parties in order to check his reliability and business reputation on the Russian market. Moreover, our experts will analyze the business arrangement suggested by your partner form Russia in order to provide you an opportunity to compare them with terms from the alternative partners.

We recommend you to check actions of the Russian companies on all stages, especially before the signing of the first contract.

Often there is no opportunity to gather data about the trustworthiness on your own. You may find such data in an embassy or chamber of commerce.

You may ask our specialist for any further information y the phone 
in Moscow +7 (499) 653 70 03 or n Saint-Petersburg +7 (812) 702 81 15.
You also may send a request and we will contact you as soon as possible.

Preparation for negotiations about the distribution contract. This is one of the most important stages in work with your Russian representative. It is essential to have complete mutual understanding between all parties during the process of making the contract. Our specialists have perfect knowledge of the foreign languages and regularly manage international supplies. They will help you to talk over all pitfalls of trading in Russia.

The following factors should be taken into account while planning the development of sales in Russia:


  • difficulties in process of entering the market and incidental costs;
  • volume of sales and deliveries;
  • trends and prospects on the Russian market;
  • level of competition in Russia and regions;
  • risks due to the uncertainty and lack of information;
  • limits due to the national character of consumers;
  • cultural characteristics of business in Russia.

In most cases the optimal decision is to ask the specialists in business support for advice.

It will help to achieve minimal levels of costs and risk.
Specialists of the Intersolution Ltd. will be happy to help you find the proper partners on the Russian market.

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