Accounting and bookkeeping

Financial outsourcing: accounting and bookkeeping

Russian accountancy at first look seems to be very close to international standards but in practice, things are very different. Russian accounting and reporting is highly formalistic and bureaucratic. Besides the handling and costs, the change of legal requirements in the Russian Federation are quite fast so that accounting and bookkeeping processes must be adapted constantly.

With careful tax optimization you can save a lot of money and make your company more profitable. When business is organized through a subsidiary in Russia the taxes are paid to Russian authorities. So, it is very important to be current with accounting.

“Intersolution" offers you accounting services on the principle of outsourcing.

If you have a small or medium-sized enterprise in Russia, and the level of activity does not require the presence of staff accountant, it would be more profitable to use the services of a professional company for accounting, which will lead to higher cost efficiency and you will able to focus on your core business in Russia.

In addition to performing standard operations we offer consultations on all of the Russian standards of accounting and tax accounting. We shall comment on all of our actions and prepare periodic reports of operations in English or German.

We are ready to undertake the following functions:


  • Conducting standard operations of accounting and tax accounting

  • Consultation on the peculiarities of accounting and tax accounting in Russia

  • Elaboration on accounting policies and consultation on choosing a registered companies’ tax system

  • Tax optimization under the current legislation

  • Compiling reports on the company’s business in the form of suitable for your company

  • Personnel records and Payroll accounting

Working on an outsourcing basis, we offer you complete safety of your money because only you will have the full rights to access your bank account and the possibility to make payments and monitor the incoming funds from anywhere in the world.

With us you can be sure that all the reports would be made on time, taxes and fees paid correctly and the Russian Tax authorities would not have any claims on your company in the future.

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